Musically Jeanette is one of a kind but her singing conjures up memories of Peggy Lee and Janice Joplin.  One of her inspirations is Etta James.  Like Etta, Jeanette does not merely perform the blues but instead expresses the hard but interesting life that she has had in her singing.

Jeanette also excels in Rock, and Country music.  What ever genre, listening to Jeanette is a captivating experience.

Jeanette Bezzell Turner has a dynamic stage presence. With her powerful, beautiful voice, her singing is filled with the passion of a woman who has “paid her dues.”

Raised on the mean streets of inner city St. Louis, the young Jeanette was already a nationally touring performer with Ike Turner, Jr., when she met Ike Turner, Sr.  As his professional and life partner, she took Ike, Sr., literally before prison and all the way up to a Grammy.

In accepting the Grammy in 2007, just before his death, Ike referred to Jeanette as his “backbone.” They were together for 20 years and toured the world together, playing on stadium bills with some of the biggest names in music.

Ike and Jeanette met in 1987. She was his best friend and partner.  During and after his incarceration, she helped him with his career which culminated in his 2007 Grammy award.